Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ups and Downs

In just about a year my husband is supposed to walk across a stage and receive his degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. This isn't just any degree he's earning, it's a Masters of Theology in historical theology, a 120-credit "masters degree on steroids," as Nathan calls it.

I'm really getting excited about that day when we can finally say, "It's over!" This Dallas adventure has presented me with some struggles, afterall: a teaching job that gave me chestpain due to a principal who yelled at children, wouldn't let me discipline first-grade tyrants, and who ultimately gave me no choice but to resign my position when I caught her changing illiterate children's grades to A's; a revoked job offer and an attack on my personality by a school that calls itself Christian; an apartment literally crumbling due to termite infestation and sometimes crawling with roaches; the loss of two pregnancies. Yup, Texas has kicked me when I was down a few times . . .

But over the next year, I plan to remember all that has been good about this journey: the day after deciding to quit my teaching job, "the stick turned blue," Mary Kate was born eight months later, and I was able to stay home for the better part of her first year; the revoked job offer forced me to take a lower-paying job at a school whose students, parents, and employees have been like a family to me; God provided a housing miracle; and, as painful as it is to admit it, if I hadn't lost those two babies, I wouldn't have the two I have now. Texas has been quite good to me.

I plan to share some of these "ups" here on my blog. My purpose is two-fold: to preserve our story for my own memory and our children's and to, I hope, demonstate to others God's love, protection, and provision as evidenced through what He's done in our family. Soli Deo gloria.

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